Indiana Rural Community Assistance Program

Water & Sewer

Drinking Water


  • Identify concerns by speaking with community leaders, state agencies, and local organizations.
  • Organize meetings to gather information, educate residents about concerns, assist in finding solutions, and report findings to organizations and residents.
  • Educate residents about technology, financing options, and preparing application materials
  • Assess available funding, engineers, grant administrators, consultants, and other professionals to assure it meets community needs.


  • Arrange all funding for the project and assure that requirements are met through design and construction
  • Assist with the formation of entities to oversee and operate new systems
  • Coordinate with funding agencies, regulators, ,consultants, and other involved organizations.
  • Facilitate public involvement and education Assist with rate studies and other evaluations.


  • Work with staff to evaluate newly built or existing systems for proper management.
  • Evaluate budgets, rate structures, and other information to determine the financial status of the utility.
  • Assist existing utilities with management and finances; arrange for technical assistance with operations where necessary.
  • Assist utilities in complying with regulatory requirements and solving system problems.
  • Work with utilities to complete and implement long-term plans.