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Indiana Rural Community Assistance Program is a national network of technical assistance providers and is funded by USDA, EPA and HHS.  Since 1981, IN-RCAP has been providing these services free of charge to low income, rural communities:
  • Organize community meetings

  • Educate residents about technology, financing, etc.

  • Create and analyze community surveys for local leaders

  • Coordinate income surveys

  • Develop funding scenarios and help prepare applications

  • Assist in procuring engineering and professional services

  • Complete studies, grant applications, and other materials

  • Assess the work of hired professionals

  • Recruit volunteer committees

  • Assist with environmental reviews and other requirements

RCAP attends EIWG meeting to help a utility develop a funding scenario.

  • Arrange for all funding for the project

  • Assure all requirements are being met through design, construction

  • Assist in formation of entities, including sewer districts and water corporations

  • Coordinate with funding agencies, regulators, consultants etc.

  • Facilitate public involvement and education.

  • Assist existing utilities with management and finances

  • Arrange for technical assistance with operations

  • Assist with rate studies and other evaluations



  • Evaluate systems, newly built & existing, for proper management

  • Evaluate budgets and rate structures

  • Managerial, financial, & operational technical assistance

  • Assist in complying with regulatory requirements and solving system problems

  • Work with utilities to complete and implement long-term plans such as capital improvement and wellhead protection plans 

  • Provide Small Utilities Board Training and other training opportunities

  • Energy Audits, Water Audits, Wellhead Protection Plans, Asset Management Plans, GIS Mapping


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