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RCAP's Solid Waste Toolkit

Resources to enhance your Solid Waste District or program.   CONTACT RCAP for onsite technical assistance.


Backyard Composting Book

 Download a book containing the basics of composting at your home.

Backyard Composting

 Learn the basics of setting up and maintaining a home composting system.

Best Land Application Practices

 Application methods to get the most value from your compost.

Biology of Composting

How does composting work?

Black Magic

Why is compost so valuable?

Compost Recipe

 What combinations of green and brown materials create the best product?

Wood and wire bin

 Do-It-Yourself compost bins that you can make and afford.


What to do when it doesn't go right.

Yard Waste ManagementPPT

 A powerpoint to help teach management of your yard wastes.

Facility Siting

 Does it matter where you place your compost?


How worms can help improve your compost.

Aerobic CompostingPPT

 What are the natural factors that influence your compost success?

Composting EducationPPT

Teaching composting - Powerpoint

Source ReductionPPT

 Reduce is the first of the 3R's - Reduce, reuse, recycle.  How can you reduce your yard waste?

Wood WastePPT

 How to handle wood wastes in the compost program. Powerpoint presentation

Large Scale OperationsPPT

When composting goes beyond the backyard to the community level..... Powerpoint Presentation

Land ApplicationPPT

How to apply compost from a large scale operation. Powerpoint presentation.

Bidding and ProcurementPPT

How to bid composting and chipping services. Powerpoint presentation.

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Can I compost this?

What can I compost?  What can't I compost?


For new and seasoned Solid Waste Districts that need advice on a new project, experienced directors are at your service.


  Every community needs an emergency disaster debris plan. This template helps you create a plan so you are prepared if disaster strikes. Support from Indiana Department of Homeland Security.




The Association of Indiana Solid Waste Management Districts and IDEM have created a comprehensive and ready-to-use curriculum including core standards for Grades K-6.  With help from the Solid Waste Educators in your district this program can be presented in classrooms across the state. Go to AISWMD.org to view the curriculum.

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