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The Big Guide for Small Systems: A Resource for Board Members
A comprehensive desk reference that is ideal as an orientation and background for new members on the governing body of a small water/wastewater system or as a guide of standards that all elected members (new and veteran) can use.

The Basics of Financial Management for Small-community Utilities

This how-to guide provides an overview of financial management for small-community water utilities, from developing and balancing an expense budget to estimating and collecting revenue.

Formulate Great Rates
The Guide to Conducting a Rate Study for a Water System

A guide to developing a fair and equitable rate structure in a small drinking water or wastewater system. Walks users step-by-step through various worksheets in a process to calculate rates.

Getting Your Project to Flow Smoothly
A Guide to Developing Water and Wastewater Infrastructure

A comprehensive guide on all the steps a project owner (governing body of a utility) should go through in planning, designing and constructing infrastructure.

Sustainable Infrastructure for Small System Public Services
A Planning and Resource Guide     

Rather than presenting theories, this guidebook provides information, worksheets, examples, case studies and resources on water conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy resources for small utilities.

USDA Rural Utilities Service Borrower's Guide
A How-to for Water and Wastewater Loans from USDA Rural Development

Summarizes the managerial and financial requirements for communities that are receiving U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Utilities Services (RUS) loan funds for their water or wastewater utility. Focuses on the requirements for submitting management reports and financial statements and walks borrowers through the steps of completing the forms and submitting the reports and statements. Comes with a CD with blank forms that are easy to fill in.

A Drop of Knowledge
The Non-operator's Guide to Drinking Water Systems AND The Non-operator's Guide to Wastewater

Each guide explains in simple, everyday language the technical aspects of these utilities. They are the perfect orientation and background guides for new small utility board members and small community decision makers.

Protecting Water Quality by Optimizing the Operations and Maintenance of Distribution Systems

Provides background information on how to maintain water quality in drinking water distribution systems and treated-water storage facilities by concentrating on common problems and challenges and identifying potential improvements and solutions. The primary audience is operators of water distribution systems at utilities that serve up to 3,300 people, but operators of larger systems and other stakeholders may also find it valuable.